The purpose of this new commission is to bring observational, experimental, and modeling researchers together who use different approaches or instruments to study the modern and ancient subaqueous volcanic processes, environments and deposits. The commission will have the focus of subaqueous volcanology, however with scope that is compatible with the interdisciplinary nature of research in Marine-Earth Science (volcanology, volcanic stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochronology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, and environment). Intended commission members are those across multiple disciplines, institutes and career levels. For example, researchers, scientists and technicians with experience and expertise with marine assets critical to subaqueous/submarine research in the oceans (e.g., remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs) are as welcome as those who undertake field studies on ancient volcanic and sedimentary rock successions.

The activities of the commission will revolve around supporting the organisation of workshops and field trips and sessions at conferences, but importantly the integration of information and opportunities that support research activities in the fields of Marine-Earth Science.

Please consider becoming a member and signing up for our mailing list. The mailing list will distribute information, events, opportunites etc. to commission members.

If you are interested in contributing to the Commission or the website please email either Michael Perfit, Steffen Kutterolf, Paraskevi Nomikou, or Rebecca Carey. Members will be our ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ in terms of identifying and passing on opportunities for Marine-Earth Science research, funding, courses, workshops, sources of information/databases etc. Together we can make the CSV website a valuable resource for all our members!

Please contact us with questions, suggestions or anything else!

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